Boiling yarn braid genie loc twists, hairstyle, curling style

First attempt at curling my genie locs was interesting. One thing that set me back from the curls being defined was not having a over night towel dry.
To change up this style in a few weeks I am attempting to keep these in for 4-6 weeks while still maintaining a good hair care routine with moisture and growth oil and my various herbal hair rinses. Next time I try this curl technique I will be letting it dry overnight.

There are sooo many youtube videos on "How to"all it takes is a search.


After a week my  scalp is nice and clean, itch free and I continue to moisturized using my daily moisture spray, shea butter cream and deep conditioning. I don't do it often but a daily scalp massage help me notice faster hair growth result I need to get on that again been kinda lazy with that routine.

I love this style this is why I did my big chop was in a faux hawk style. My hair has been growing faster at the middle crown area and slower on the sides. My focus now is to get the sides the same length as the crown area in the next few months. Then I am on to the next thing in hair care herbs and stretching maybe even straightening with low heat and every 6 weeks a trim.

My hair journey is going great and I have learns so much and there is still so much to learn about this amazing texture of mine loving the curls naturally. My hair journey photos are all at this link see the progress I have made

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