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Weronika and her daughterAt the beginning of my fifth and final year at OCAD University, I found out I was going to have a baby.  As a Drawing & Painting Major in the Fine Arts program I would no longer be able to do what I loved to do, and that was paint. Well, I guess I could have painted as long as I wore a mask and rubber gloves, but who paints wearing gloves? I certainly couldn’t. So I did my thesis in oil pastels which was, for me, the next closest thing to paint. Thesis year was everything I did not expect it to be. the plans I had for what I would do after university came to a complete halt and my life became all about my baby.
I never truly believed people when they said your whole life changes when you have a child, but when my daughter was born I knew exactly what they meant.
I didn’t want to be apart from her for a second and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, no matter how much they wanted to shut. I’ve been at home with her this entire time and I am still not ready to leave her! I know she is attached to me, but I am attached to her even more.
It has been two years now, and my life has completely changed direction.
I love how life is just so full of surprises and adventures!
Since taking a break from painting and focusing on my child I finally feel that it is time again for my ideas to become a reality. I fell in love with beads when I was a child. All of the beautiful colors, the different shapes and the endless combination’s you can create just by using beads amazes me to no end.
Tiny stones, rocks and gems that have been around for centuries are staple accessories in various cultures, worn by all walks of life, and still they remain one of the strongest ways to express oneself in today’s society.
One could say I am obsessed with beads, but I am just very passionate about them. I feel when someone is so passionate about something that passion should be shared with everyone.
That is where my original jewelry designs have come in. I want to share the beauty of beads with people; to make someone feel special and beautiful and even confident when they are wearing one (or many) of my pieces. I want someone to know that they are the only ones in the world who are wearing that necklace or those earrings or that coordinated set.
Working from my home in Toronto with my daughter by my side, creating these one-of-a-kind pieces, is a dream come true; a dream that was only realized after I had my gorgeous girl.
My dreams to be a teacher could still be realized in the future but for now my dreams are YOURS ONLY.
Go ahead and be different, be an individual who is true to your self. Be the one that doesn’t play by the rules.

Fashion fades but style is eternal.

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