Like fashion season I wanted to be a step ahead

This all started a few months ago an idea came to me and I began to act on it. How could I get more organic food into my life without all the high cost monopoly. I want the best and I can have it these are the step I wanted to take. While having fun playing in dirt catching some worms and building a self sustaining system that needs little effort from my end

- get a compost system up and running to eventually support worms  check

test dirt on some seeds  to see if its good for growth. check

Keeping up other everyday  ideas so and to continue learning new things and easy ways to do them. check check

  5 months of composting minimum effort tossing whatever in and the fruits of  my labour are, fast growing, healthy plants that are green and have long root systems.

My in door garden system is sure to be a winning success like all my random ideas.

New randomness is being planned for January. With new year just around the bend and all my tax papers ready and waiting to be calculated and sent to revenue. I want to  use that money and do some good by going on vacation for most of the next  year. Business is awesome so time to  launch my business in new places. I think Jamaica should be my first vacations top.

 Say hello to my vermi-compost after a thrilling night of nightcrawler catching a few misty nights ago. I might have to return them to the wild depending on how much they actively break down organic waste because I am looking for some fast action power compost.

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