DIY Yummy daily juicing recipe

I juice on the daily and I can feel the difference in my skin and hair and all over. I have been on a juicing frenzy. For years I have been lazy when it comes to getting my daily fruit and veg but now I can lazily drink down my recommended daily intake  instead of making breakfast.  No pots! less time spent cooking and a super easy clean up after, all you need is a  blender and ingredients.

 I am  still a noob at this juicing experience but its an  interesting experience.  I am lucky because I have never been a picky eater( I leave the pulp in) and I like to mix things that have never been mixed before.

Here is a recipe for a brave person who knows about Jamaican staples

1. coconut-not a whole one just a few meat pieces- the meat inside is awesome for making snakes or coconut milk.- remember I said this was lazy so usually I just crack this hard outer shell drain the clear liquid, scarp the meat from the shell cut into small pieces and pot in the blender.
2. june plums-one will do great- a sour treat that I love to eat I prepare this by washing the skin then just cut the fruit from teh seed and toss in the blender yum yum.
3. Apple-the green ones are my fav- washed and cut and toss in the blender and of course you don't put the core and seeds in the blender so I just eat then less waste more fiber in my diet.
4. cucumber- supposedly has all the nutrients and such -no need to peel this just chop and toss in.

 kalalo- a green veggie like spinach or kale- but ate it all before making this juice/smoothie that would be in there too raw uncooked interesting taste

At this point in my juice making I would be peering in the fridge looking for what to add next. I made a huge serving to have throughout the day instead of snacking. These are the options I usually find carrot, spinach, broccoli, ginger, soy milk, celery and I like to add some Spirulina and MSM just in case  malnourished one never knows.

I try to make this when I wake up and it give me tons of energy for the whole day and I love that I can just add whatever I want. Since this is the season of fruit I also add apricot,blackberries, cherries and lemon skin for good measure.

You may say to yourself how big is this girls blender its regular size most times I have blend my ingredients in two batches. I then drink two cup fulls and refrigerate then rest for when I get hungry. The main thing I notices from juicing for going on three months now is that I get ravenous mid day and just before bedtime. This does not suppress the appetite juicing makes me want to eat the world I guess that's what I get for over doing it with fruits and veggies YUMMMMM.... 

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