Yahoo tries to reel me in Fail!!

Wow even months after leaving yahoo because the program blocked me from answering questions and giving valid advise to people. Well seem the people have spoken I gave the best answers yay!
This question was from Jose:

What is the best for acne?

I have severe acne i need help!

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Try Eli's body shop black soap cleanser and shea product its organic and works for people with bad acne

The whole premiss of best answer is based on a points system and I love winning points  but its not that I can claim I gave up on yahoo and will never return. Anyways super happy my advice help people and thats the important thing.

How To Make Short Coarse Hair GROW fast?

My hair is short steadily breaking and coarse. i been trying to grow my hair out for years i tried braids,relaxers,sew-ins,weaves and everything else. My ends constantly need trimming almost every month and a half and i do not know if thats normal or not But im starting to quit the weaves and braids and start using DooGRo shampoo &conditioner and the revitalizer.i seriouslly want my short coarse hair to grow out and i do not know what to do

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I do a blog trying to help people like you braids weave relaxers do not help hair growth. for your hair you need A a satin or silk pilow case of bonnet cotton dries out ethnic hair types and it was drying mine out.
Then your need to know your hair needs constant moisture Vaseline or any petroleum products only coat hair and does not give it moisture. To keep your hair moisturized so that it stop breaking you need a deep conditioning or a protein conditioning. Look up avocado hair mask on you tube. Also look up healthy hair care for african american hair there too. It will be a repeat of what I am telling you. check my blog for more details. Keep it simple sista has long hair and great tips on what she does to keep hair long.
It will take time but I was able to get my hair healthy in 2 months. Check out vegetable glycerin spray and aloe vera gel. Also I use dr bronner castile soap it saves money and you will only need s tiny bit


How do you find split ends?

How do you find split ends and dead ends?

Additional Details

What do they look like?

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to manage split ends is called dusting your ends look up some different ways on youtube.I do the twist method: section off a bit of hair and twits the strands into a spiral. this will make the different layers of ends stick out then all you do is trip (----) much look up k.i.s.s on youtube she has great split ends tips.


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